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Cocktail Party Room
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Fluffy 50 Room
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75 Ball Bingo Rooms

75 Ball Bingo Rooms Playing 24/7

Lets face it, 75 ball bingo is always going to be the best type of bingo, because why win 3 times a game when you can win up to 5 TIMES!! We've got some great 75 ball bingo rooms playing every day, grab your tickets now!

On Dazzle Bingo, when you win, it's all yours baby! No wagering, just pure unadulterated CASH!


Take the slippery slope to bigger winnings with our wonky room. The less calls you win in the higher the prize pool becomes.

  • Plays every day 10am to 2am
  • Tickets Cost: 5p each
  • Maximum Tickets: 96

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Number 10

I'm guessing this room is called number 10 because tickets are 10p each? Boring name eh? But unlike it's name Number 10 is not a boring room! With a prize pool for all on 1 and 2 to go there's plenty of winnings to go around.

  • Plays every day 4pm to Midnight
  • Tickets Cost: 10p each
  • Prize Pool: Changes with the number of tickets bought.
  • Extra Prizes: Everyone with 1tg and 2tg

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Terms and Conditions

Last updated 10/03/2020

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